Check-in time is between 1pm and 5pm M-F. If arriving after business hours please use the following addresses to find the guest house associated with your reservation (see your confirmation for detailed after hours check-in instructions.)

Parsons Hall (Welcome Center)
Enter St. Margaret's Courtyard from Le Conte - Office is near sliding doors
2450 Le Conte Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94709

Easton Hall
2401 Ridge Road
Berkeley, CA 94709

Gibbs Hall
2449 Ridge Road
Berkeley, CA 94709

Local Area Maps (including CDSP, the GTU, and Berkeley)

Limited parking is available both on campus and on the streets. Please inquire about parking at check-in. If you are an event organizer it is important to make advance arrangements.

Between SFO or OAK airports:

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AC Transit

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